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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sasquatch Photographed Walking Away

This image was captured Thanksgiving Day 2010 just before it started to get dark at about 4:45pm. We were getting in some research after hearing of a sighting report from some friends near a flood control lake in Harrison County Ohio. The sighting was alleged to have occurred about two weeks prior by a family out exploring the area on a warm Autumn day. The footage this image came from was of footage being recorded for a friend that does metal detecting and was interested in old home foundations dating back into the 1800's. When we came across this old foundation from near the now gone village of Laceyville,Ohio due to the formation of the lake we stopped to record what we found for him. After filming that I raised the camera and just panned it around in a 180 pattern around the whole area. This image was then found by a gentleman that was analyzing YouTube posted videos at the time.  

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