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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bigfoot Caught On Camera

This image of a Sasquatch was sent to me several months ago by a researcher in Ohio. It was captured on a trail camera in an undisclosed location. I have made a few trips into the area with the researcher and have not found any similar "creatures" as this one. We have though witnessed foot prints and vocalized sounds in the early evenings. This photo is a cropped image depiction  of that trail cam photo.


  1. Jeff, I find this to be especially interesting due to the 'haircutting' technique. On Vancouver Island 'someone' cuts the hair on the manes and tails of several ponies and horses near Englishman River Falls. Upon investigation, broken quart-size jar glass was found that appeared to have been used to do the cutting. This shaggy mane look (as above) was the result on the ponies, much to the dismay of the owners as the ponies were slated for parades!
    They reside in known Sasquatch territory. LLS

  2. Uh wasn't this the artwork used for an official poster for the movie "Letters from the Big Man" by Christopher Munch -director. You really need to check your sources a little more carefully unless of course you want zero credibility.

  3. Letters from the Big Man is a fairly good movie.
    I have watched it twice on line.