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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sasquatch Individuals Captured On Video

This is a short video I captured in 2011 as I was trying to get ahead of several tree breaks heard while entering an area we had found large tracks in just a week before. The camera used here was an old Kodak Easy Share Digital Camera. It was this experience that proved to me exactly what the Sasquatch really is. They are human...but not quite like us. -JP-

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  1. I absolutely hate videos like this for the following reasons. Number One- So shaky you almost need dramamine (for motion sickness) to watch them.Brace your arm against something solid for Petes sake and quit running with the damn camera. Number 2. Ridiculous monologue usually loud meaningless repeats of a vulgar expletive. Number three- vain attempts to focus In and Out In and Out In and Out. Ugh and Number four-The video (if it can be called that) ends suddenly and without warning.