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Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Sasquatch Evidence ( visual & audio)

There's no foolish posting going on here..just plain honest reporting on real factual evidence on the Bigfoot creature (unlike another blog poster). We here at SasquatchEvidence don't play those games of calling each other fakes and what not. We'll leave that up to the other guy. For up to the minute discoveries..come here first for the real honest facts..Thanks...JP

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CONFIRMED: This Capture Has Been Comfirmed By An Independent Group

   Some have questioned this because they didn't hear any creature leave the area after I was knocked down. If you notice in the video,the camera goes off and I really have no idea how long I actually was on the ground before I turned it back on..but it shut off again. I later discovered that the battery was dead on it and that my thumb had bumped the record button as I tried to get up the first time.At the time I was filming,the battery still had 3/4 charge on was some time after charge ran out that I came to.    JP

Awesome Sasquatch Captures From Canada

This is from my friend in Canada..."trackersthename". Check out his videos. He is the real deal.

Sasquatch In Florida

Forest Ghost Walker

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Paranormal Creatures: BIGFOOT/SASQUATCH

                                 A most powerful collection of Sasquatch/Bigfoot video...JP

Don Keating and Friends at Salt Fork

                            Here is the now retired from Bigfoot research: Don Keating and friends at Salt Fork State Park discussing their appearance on the on the History Channel show Monster Quest and what had been going on in their research. It was announced about a month ago that Don would no longer be actively searching for the elusive beast called Bigfoot. Good luck Don.....JP                                                                                      *video from The Daily Jeffersonian of Cambridge, Ohio.*

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lita has been doing video analysis for some time now and has shown me some very powerful images from my own videos as well as many others. Is the Sasquatch interdementional or do they possess some sort of cloaking ability? We have our own thoughts on that..we'll leave you with your own thoughts about them on this subject. Facts are facts though..They are more than" just animals. "....JP
Alex "Mid Nightwalkers" on YouTube as BFresearchSe talks of possibility of an interdenominational being or possible cloaking of the Sasquatch. As always it's up to the viewer to decide. ...JP

Evidence Matching My Find is a blog report set to me about a Bigfoot I had found in a research video. Cool stuff thanks..I plan on looking deeper into this new evidence. JP

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sasquatch Photo Capture Enhanced

In this enhancement can be seen both hands with fingers of the Sas individual. One hand is in front and the other one is resting on top of his (her) head...possibly shading the sun light or even trying to remain hidden and out of sight. Also the face can be seen, both eyes,nose and mouth. You can also see the thick black hair on the head covering the shoulders. Click this link for the actual video:

Sasquatch Photographed Walking Away

This image was captured Thanksgiving Day 2010 just before it started to get dark at about 4:45pm. We were getting in some research after hearing of a sighting report from some friends near a flood control lake in Harrison County Ohio. The sighting was alleged to have occurred about two weeks prior by a family out exploring the area on a warm Autumn day. The footage this image came from was of footage being recorded for a friend that does metal detecting and was interested in old home foundations dating back into the 1800's. When we came across this old foundation from near the now gone village of Laceyville,Ohio due to the formation of the lake we stopped to record what we found for him. After filming that I raised the camera and just panned it around in a 180 pattern around the whole area. This image was then found by a gentleman that was analyzing YouTube posted videos at the time.  

Sasquatch Are So Good At Hiding

Here's a video from impossiblevisits on YouTube. This one is showing how the Sasquatch are so good at hiding. It takes a trained eye to spot these guys out in the field, you must look for the subtle differences in the environment to find them. For example: just this morning I was out in my own back yard looking at some of my fruit trees and noticed the peach tree swaying in the slight breeze, I noticed that one very small inter branch was moving differently from the rest of the tree. Upon closer inspection I discovered a Wren bird was resting in that tree on that very branch. It's the small things we must be able to look for and see in able to actually see and experience what is around us.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sasquatch Found In Ohio: Salt Fork State Park

Lita has found this image of a Sasquatch (which I call Woods People) in one of my own resent research videos. Inside the white square is where the creature/being was found in the video. The image on the right is an enlarged photo of the capture. Notice how well the creature blends in with its surroundings..this is why they are almost impossible to find. Thank You again Lita...JP

Sasquatch Found Hiding & Peeking

This is a YouTube video by DustyPawPaws.  Dee searches for Bigfoot down in Florida and with the help of Lita analyzing her clips is able to learn how to find and get close to the Sasquatches near her home.

Image of Sasquatch Found In Video by Lita9281