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Friday, June 8, 2012



  1. Hi Jeff, I came across a photo of a Native American artistic rendering of a Sasquatch some time ago. It looks eerily similar to the close up of this photo. Since I cannot publish a photo on your blog, you can check it out on my blog at

  2. Hi Squatchmaster. In regards to this video, forget this image. Starting at 3:33-3:45, as the camera pans to the left towards the image you have referenced, you will notice a dark area for a tree trunk. Because of the background light, you don't see it head on. However, you will notice, as the tree makes its way to the ground, it slopes out to the left. That is the back of a bigfoot. And when the light adjusts, you can clearly see a bigfoot in profile in the darkness of the trunk. It's very clear. I can see the nose, brow ridge, cone shaped head, eyes and lips, much more clearly than this image. It's in the lower right of the frame when Bluetracker is focused on this image at around the 3:50 mark, and I think it moves it's head.

    I bring this up because nobody is mentioning it hardly at all in the video. Also, I stumbled across this video before I saw your blog, and I saw that right away. Either someone has an amazingly realistic dummy sitting there or it's real. It's maybe 50 feet away from the camera, but definitely closer than where this image is from.