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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Monday, June 13, 2011

   This is a link to what I believe the Bigfoot/Sasquatch really is..  Yes,though my research into this creature/individual I've discovered this connection,now I see others are coming to the same conclusion.Early modern man did in fact interbreed with the Neanderthal Man and create a new species...a FULLY HUMAN SPECIES. This individual has the features of a human,including speech. It looks very much like the Neanderthal giving it an animal type appearance according to our modern day thinking. This Sasquatch individual should be treated as any other human cousin.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

What is the Sasquatch?

For many,many years there have been stories of a large bipedal human-like individual lurking in the forests of North America since the earliest times of modern humans. These stories originated with the earliest Native Americans Tribes when they migrated onto this continent from Asia some 30,000 years ago.There is some basis to this legend. Science has found remains of a large upright ape creature standing an estimated 8-15 feet tall in caves in Asia. These creatures are estimated to have lived about 250,000 years ago.This is what most Bigfoot Research people rely on when trying to explain this creature.More recently though it has been scientifically proven through DNA testing that some 60,000 years ago Neanderthal Man interbred with Early Modern Humans in Asia and a new species then emerged.Early Modern Humans and this new species then migrated into North America by way of Canada and on down through the Americas.This new species was and is fully human but still carries the traits of the Neanderthal within its genes making it appear as if the species is more animal than human by our standards.The term "Bigfoot" was created by the news media in the 1950's when a group of white loggers found what appeared to be a large human-like foot print on a logging road in the forests of the Pacific Northwest Region.The legend has continued to grow ever since.I first became aware of this legend in 1971 when as a young boy I had seen the Patterson/Gimlin film taken in 1967.It reminded me very much of several visits into our town of a similar looking individual in the early 1960's.This individual was covered in what looked to be animal skins and came into the edge of town at night to take food from the gardens near the woods of a ridge line that run along the town.It was said that this individual would throw rocks at anyone that got too near him.There was one summer evening when myself and a group of other kids were playing near a hillside spring,encountered this being on the hillside.Apparently we had gotten too close because there began to be rocks thrown at us.I was struck but one of those rocks.It knocked me to the ground and there was a loud muffled growl heard.The sightings continued for several more years until a new state highway cut through the hill where this individual entered town.With that route gone,the sightings stopped.It is now my quest to discover what that being was.