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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I GOT TOO CLOSE....Sasquatch Encounter On this video you will see what can happen when you encounter these beings if you are not prepared for it. For over a year now I have been warning people of what these "creatures" really are. As a paranormal investigator I use several different methods in an attempt to bring out the spirits,the Sasquatch/Bigfoot,being a spiritual individual, is no different. They are much more than just spirits though,these beings do have the ability to manifest into solid flesh bodies and it takes an enormous amount of energy to do that. Here on this video you will see one of the "creatures" right in front of me( 1:40) before I was physically knocked to the ground by one of them. They drew all of my energy from me in order to be able to do this. How did they do this you ask? Simply, I invited them to use my energy in order to show themselves. I meditated my thoughts outward to them,then I began provoking them ( off camera) in order for them to come to me. I was prepared,if I had not been and didn't know what I was doing I could have been seriously hurt or worse. I will continue on with my research in this manner,provoking them out in order to get all the proof I need to show what they are. Please,no one else should try this. IT IS DANGEROUS.